“Best meat we’ve ever had. Josh said he doesn’t know if we could go back to buying regular grocery store meat again.” -Amy B.

“Our family has peace of mind knowing first hand the quality of life the cows have and how healthy they are which gave us beef that is incredibly tender, has beautiful color and tastes phenomenal.” -Amanda W.

“So, someone drastically under bought on beef. Girl, I just made probably the best filet mignon of my life with your cow. Next time, I’m buying the whole freezer.” -Michelle W.

“Loving it! We’ve looked into it several times, So glad we did it. Thank you!” -Jessica S.

“My pot roast and hamburger were perfection. Can you send me a price list to pass on to my family because I’m not sharing any of mine with them!” -Stephanie W.

“Love it! Would definitely do this again.” -Jennifer S.